JS Eco Solution is

making efforts to realize carbon neutrality 2050 by manufacturing resource circulation devices, manufacturing upcycling products, and environmental education activities. Starting with the separation and discharge of waste plastics, the entire process from recycled materials to recycling products can be solved with the company's products and solutions. Therefore, we can give the solution to the government, businesses, and consumers who are worried about environmental problems. Please join us in the plastic resource circulation problem that you are worried about.

JS Eco Solution products

PETRO Premium Series

The company's shredder, compressor, and bottle cap separator enable the separation and discharge of transparent plastic bottles.

Nitrogen Pressurization device

Nitrogen pressurization device is a system device that enables injection of recycled raw materials as if using new raw materials. We use this technology to make a variety of products quickly and easily. 

Upcycled products(Upcycling injection molding)

Products such as upcycled key rings, flower pots, and tongs are manufactured using PET bottle raw materials. In addition, we manufacture the product using an injection machine dedicated to upcycling.

PETRO SingSing

We are carrying out educational activities so that more people can participate in environmental protection by installing all processes from the separation of transparent plastic bottles to the production of upcycling products in educational vehicles.


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